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You maybe moving from Blackheath & Greenwich to Cornwall, or locally we can provide you with excellent value for money service. Always cheerful, always helpful  the Blackheath & Greenwich removal team will take all the stress out of moving home, give us a call and ask us for a free no obligation quote, 8 times out of 10 we will be cheaper than the competition. Tell us what you have already been quoted for moving house and maybe we can  offer you a better deal.

Blackheath & Greenwich house removals and man and van service. 

Blackheath -  Greenwich - Charlton - Woolwich - Lewisham - Lee Green - Deptford - Eltham - Welling - Bexleyheath.B

Looking at furniture removal companies in Blackheath, Greenwich or Charlton? Man and Luton van service? or a local delivery service? We have been providing local residents with an excellent House Removal and man and van service for 25 years. We come highly recommended by local customers and businesses because we offer a very reliable and competitive service. Blackheath & Greenwich House Removal Service can move your boxes, bags, or full house removal.

House Removal service in Blackheath, Greenwich, and Charlton.

Man and  Van Service Blackheath, Greenwich, and Charlton

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Call us on   020 8858 3889   0r   07885 917842

House Removals and Man and Van Service in Blackheath, Greenwich

Blackheath Greenwich & Charlton furniture Removals, a “man and van” removal service based in Blackheath and Greenwich, London. Offering competitive rates and top-notch service, this is simply one of the best and most affordable “man and van” services available in the Blackheath and Greenwich areas.

Flexible rates

If you’re looking to reduce the cost of the service, Blackheath Greenwich Removals allow you to provide your own labour, using your own strength and family/friends to move your furniture into your new home. Of course, you can also pay extra to be helped with this labour by a professional(s) who has 25+ years of removals experience. You can also pay an additional fee for extra men if you have a lot of heavy-duty items which need moving, and this should help to reduce the workload and stress for you during your move.


House clearance service

Estate agents and landlords in Blackheath & Greenwich may often find that some tenants leave their unwanted items behind, even if it means that they’re going to lose their security deposit for doing so. If you’re a landlord whose former tenants have decided to leave a bunch of their unwanted possessions in your house, you can take advantage of Blackheath Greenwich House Removals and house clearance service.

The company will turn up with a van and as many men as necessary, checking which items are your own before proceeding to empty the house of all unwanted items/furniture. The collected items will then be disposed of in the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner possible.

Rubbish clearance service

Whether you’re moving or you’ve just performed a huge clean-up of your house, the rubbish clearance service from Blackheath Greenwich Removals is a one-stop solution which allows you to get rid of all the rubbish which has accumulated over time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on the pavement or in your house, the team can effectively collect and dispose of the rubbish in an environmentally sustainable way, sorting rubbish for recycling and green energy burning where appropriate and reasonable. The rubbish clearance service is fast, sanitary, and effective, saving you several trips to the refuse centre and back, which could prove very costly in terms of time and petrol money.

Local delivery service

We offer a local delivery service, having worked for Howdens Joinery for many years, local bed stores, wine deliveries and many more, use our very reliable service.

An affordable furniture removals service

The team often work with customers who are moving from Blackheath and Greenwich to Cornwall or other parts of the country, and they can always provide you with excellent service and value for money wherever you end up going to. In fact, they are cheaper than the other local competition 8 out of 10 times, so you can be confident that you’re getting a very reasonable price when you speak to them!

Blackheath Greenwich Removals can provide you with a free no obligation quote – you simply give them a call and provide them with the necessary details. If you’ve received a cheaper quote from elsewhere, simply let them know over the phone and very often they will be able to match or even beat the quote for you.

25 years of experience

Blackheath Greenwich House Removals has been a “man and van” removal service for over 25 years in the local area, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe and experienced hands with these guys. Offering a very reliable and reputable service, these guys continue to be in very high demand in the local area, with their stellar reputation preceding them.

They have continued to innovate and learn throughout their 25 years, picking up expertise on the fastest, safest, and most efficient ways to move items from one house to another. This is the kind of experience and insight which you cannot acquire as a layperson unless you have moved house dozens of times in a variety of circumstances!

Call us on   020 8858 3889   0r   07885 917842

t’s not just Blackheath and Greenwich

Although Blackheath and Greenwich are the most popular areas that these guys work in, they actually serve a few parts of the local area, namely Lewisham, Woolwich, Eltham, Chislehurst, Blackheath, Greenwich, Charlton, and Lee Green too. If you’re looking for a removal service or “man and van” service around the South London area, there’s a good chance that these guys will be able to help you out!

Serving a diverse range of customers

Blackheath Greenwich Removals serve customers from a diverse range of backgrounds, including local residents and European residents too. They treat all of their customers equally and are known to be friendly and helpful to all of their customers regardless of background.

Ultimately, the company has one job and one job only – to serve you however you deem fit. Just call them up and let them know what you need doing… there’s a strong chance that they’ll be able to help you, quoting you a price which is fair, realistic, and competitive! Needs removals or a “man and van” service in the Charlton area? Call Blackheath and Greenwich Removals today!

Call us on   020 8858 3889   0r   07885 917842
Call us on   020 8858 3889   0r   07885 917842
Blackheath & Greenwich  House Removals House Clearances Deliveries Rubbish Clearance Man and van Local and European Friendly Helpful Help provided if needed
Blackheath man and van
Man and Van

We can provide a man and van service for Blackheath & Greenwich customers at very competitive rates. You can provide the labour if you wish to reduce costs or we can provide you with a price for extra men.

Blackheath rubbish clearance
Rubbish Clearance

We provide a rubbish clearance service in Blackheath & Greenwich. Get rid of all that unsightly rubbish, in an enviromentally friendly way. Call Blackheath & Greenwich rubbish clearance. 

Blackheath house clearance
House Clearance

Landlords, estate agents in Blackheath & Greenwich house will find this service very useful. Tennants generally leave all there unwanted rubbish behind even if it means losing there deposit,give us a call then to arrange the house clearance. 

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